Done for you Linkedin Content!
You talk. We create.

Stop wasting your personal brand potential.
Instead, let us help you create and repurpose video content to grow your branding on LinkedIn.

Content that everyone will πŸ’œ guaranteed!

We are working with Startups backed by leading Tech Investors

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Most entrepreneurs are missing on a huge opportunity

Lack of time for personal branding
Missed marketing opportunities
Unrealized sales potential
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Done for you video-based content system

Step 1 - Choose your plan and schedule a kick-off call.

Start by selecting a subscription plan that best fits your needs. Then, book a kickoff call with us.

Step 2 - Join a 30-minute video content creation session every other week.

You will share your insights, stories, and expertise, by having a conversation with our content strategist.

Step 3 - Watch us work our magic!

Our team takes over from here and repurposes our recorded video meetings into various forms of engaging and thought-provoking content pieces.


We create a LinkedIn content machine for growth

1. We assess your current content landscape

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2. We define your path to growth

Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 20.00.13.png

3. We fill content gaps and enhance your video bank

Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 20.40.50.png

4. We build your content repurposing system

Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 20.43.28.png

5. We measure, iterate, and improve the content quality

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What do we take care of

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"Chris has incredible expertise in LinkedIn strategies, content, tools, and ways to interact with target audiences. I think he is one of the most prominent experts in LinkedIn marketing for the Web3 space!"
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Christopher DobrinskiCommunity Lead at SmartLayer from Smart Token Labs


Emerging Tech Entrepreneurs & Professionals

Builders & Founders
Service Providers
Conference & Events Organizers
Agency Owners
Content Creators & Educators
Investors & Partners


LinkedIn Content system that drives growth

4x Content recordings per month


30x LinkedIn posts per month

Daily comments and engagements with KOLs

At least 50,000+ impressions per month

At least 500+ engagements per month


At least 500+ LinkedIn followers per month


Let's connect!

We believe that personal branding on LinkedIn is a must to have growth strategy for Emerging Tech entrepreneurs!

Chris - DoersLedGrowth.pngChris KoronowskiFounder, CSO & CMO, LinkedIn TOP Voice in Web3
Chris has 13+ years of experience in marketing, sales, and community building. He is a Growth Advisor to multiple Emerging Tech, Web3 and AI startups. He is also building a Web3 Doers ecosystem and community of Web3 Entrepreneurs, that have grown to 1,500+ members from 96 countries globally.
Doers Growth | Sean.pngSean DelaneyCo-founder, Head of Content, Web3 Content Creator, Coach and Content Strategist
Sean has 13+ years of experience in sales as a manager and Head of Business Development in various startups and tech agencies. He is a founder and branding coach for tech entrepreneurs. In Doers Growth, he takes care of making sure that content we post for our clients is top-notch quality!
Doers Growth People | Edgars.pngEdgars GrigaCo-founder, Head of Operations, AI & Automation Content Creator, Outbound Expert
Edgars has 6+ years of experience in tech building software solutions and growing different businesses. He specializes in helping Founders, CEOs, and Solopreneurs leverage AI and LinkedIn for growth. In Doers Growth, he takes care of outbound strategies and improvement and automation of our operation processes.


Check out our testimonials


Our subscription based model

LinkedIn Content Growth

Get an exceptional content marketing, demand generation, and video production service for a price lower than hiring a content manager.

$2,997Per Month
$2,399Per Month, Billed Annually (Save 20%)
  • LinkedIn profile optimization
  • Custom content calendar
  • Access to our content system
  • Ready-to-publish content creation
  • Content testing & optimization
  • Data-driven content strategy
  • Unlimited content revisions
  • 4x Content recordings per month
  • 30x LinkedIn posts per month
  • Daily comments engagement
  • KOLs research and engagement
  • Dedicated content manager
Get StartedGet Started
Custom solutions

Learn more how we work and how we can help you.

Book a call
  • Content for 2 or more people
  • LinkedIn newsletter and events
  • LinkedIn or E-mail outreach
  • Marketing & sales consulting
  • Trainings for your team
  • Building marketing funnels
Book a 30-min intro call


Our answers

What types of LinkedIn content do you produce?

We use all content types on LinkedIn including video posts, text posts, image posts, carousels, polls, and events.

Can I see examples of content you created?

Sure! Go and check out our LinkedIn profiles: Chris Koronowski and Sean Delaney and Edgars Griga.

What sets your content apart from the rest?

We gather your knowledge on weekly content recording sessions and then produce content as if it were your own with our content creation expertise.

Can you use content that we already have to create LinkedIn posts?

Absolutely. We review your existing content on LinkedIn as well as blog posts, webinar recordings, podcast episodes, etc.

What is my responsibility?

Your only responsibility is to get on a 30-minute bi-weekly content recording call with us. We will do everything else for you!

How long does it take to see results?

After 2 weeks, we want to see positive signals - comments, profile visits, followers increase, connection requests, messages, etc.

What type of companies do you usually work with?

We love to work with Emerging Tech companies that are building Web3, Blockchain, VR/AR/XR, Metaverse, Spatial Computing, and AI solutions.

Where is your team based?

We are based in Poland, but our team works remotely from various locations around the world.
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